The Yoga Birth Method, Step by Step Guide to Natural Childbirth

Sold worldwide, printed in 5 languages, The Yoga Birth Method has helped women achieve a natural and calm birth experience.

The book helps women understand what happens in labor and then provides the step by step tools to manage the entire process. It is a pathway from pregnancy all the way to delivery, that uses intentions, mantras, breathing and very specific poses to manage your birth experience. This easy to use guide has been called on of the best birthing books available.

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Benefits for your health and beauty

Your best approach to a natural birth.

We offer childbirth education classes for couples, labor workshops for women, Certification for doulas and yoga teachers and also offer prenatal yoga teacher training and doula certification.

Yoga Birth Method has been published in 5 countries and translated to 4 different languages. This method empowers women to prepare for and embrace a natural birth experience. The YBM Institute offers doulas, childbirth educators, yoga teachers and other childbirth professionals training and certification to be able to use the techniques in their practices. We will also help women find YBM practitioners in their area and provide resources for a positive birth experience.

The Yoga Birth Method is an 8 step birthing pathway that empowers women through a natural and mindful childbirth experience. YBM’s philosophy is for the mother to connect with her baby during childbirth and to engage in her labor as an experience of enlightenment.

A very specific sequence of breathing and postures adapted to the physical and emotional changes in the stages of labor enable women to manage contractions from a calm, meditative and controlled perspective.


At what stage in pregnancy can I use this method?
There is no right or wrong time, however the earlier you begin to educate yourself on the progression of labor, the more equipped you will be with the resources. Women have purchased the book as late as their last month of pregnancy and found the method useful in labor.
What are the benefits to using this method?
Faster labor progression as postures encourage baby’s movement to the birth canal – a better chance at natural labor, as the meditative aspect helps mother understand the need to connect with baby – less chance of intervention, as mother is more equipped to make informative medical decisions.
8 step yoga pathway for labor?
This 8 step yoga pathway for labor that enables women to have a natural, mindful and enlightened childbirth experience. You will learn how to incorporate specific hands on tools to manage labor pain and effective labor progression. The Yoga Birth Method is a unique yoga technique combining the philosophy of yoga, asana sequencing for the three stages of labor and breath awareness for a mindful connection to the baby during birth. The certification is ideal for current yoga teachers looking to work with prenatal clients, doulas wanting to enhance their services, other childbirth professionals wanting to teach The Yoga Birth Method technique. It is also perfect for women looking to experience a better birth. If becoming a doula, birth educator or prenatal yoga teacher has been a passion of yours, this certification is the perfect choice to give you a well established birthing business with multiple options for client services.
The training will consist of:
* Applying breathing and yoga birth method position sequences specific to the stages of progression in labor * How to teach 12 YBM poses for birth preparation * Understanding the waterfall effect of medication and how Yoga Birth Method can be effective in prevention or maintain control with intervention. * Transforming pain in labor to an enlightened experience * How to get partners involved in childbirth teaching hands on partner support for pain management in labor * Sequencing for prenatal classes and hands on adjusting

Certification $495 (2 days)

Weekend Certification Dates 2018/2019:

  • Toronto August 18-19 2018
  • New York Jan 12-13 2019
  • Los Angeles February 9-10 2019
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